Wednesday, September 2, 2009

feel so down

result test 1 communication enginnering dah kuar..
aku berdebar2 sgt coz too many question i can't anwered it as well..


25 setengah over damn...
what i've done?
i have an effort. i study well.
i do some exercise.but certain part in exam i can't remember.aku ni pelupe.buakan aku tak study?
huhu....aku tengok org sebelah...35/60? alamak.
toleh belakang 45/60? wuargh....mata aku mula berkaca.bukan aku malas.bukan aku kuat tidur.
aku rasa sedih sgt.

balik je bilik ape lg..aku nangis ar..aku mesej ayah...

"i don't know what's wrong with me.i take more effort compare last semester. why i still cannot get a good achievement? my friend get 30-40 marks over 60.then how come i just get 25? friend asyik tidur, lengah2...too slow but how come im so down? sometime i feel fed up.dun tell me it is coz of luck."

aku pun pergi release tension..nyanyi 3 lagu during choir class n enjoy myself even tgh pose..
then aku balik, ayah reply...

"anything that we plan to do something, we must have two plans whether A or B. If u success plan A, u proceed. If u fail this plan, other choice is plan b. In this case, in my opinion, u did not prepare timetable n planning. Majority of the students at this level, they studied using energy not their mind. So i hope u think about it. U must have rest, watching movie, exercises n a lot of discussion. C u later..."

i i realise, im just study hard.not just using energy not my mind.even i do an exercise but then still cannot answered a question this is because i just not think, im not remember. n i cannot tackle the question...

something need to be changed..